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Maybe soon I'll load up the MP3s. See, Angelfire only gives you 5 MB webspace, and all the MP3s add up to 40-50 MB, so I need to find some place that gives me tons and tons of webspace. If you know of anywhere than can give me 100 MB+ webspace, please e-mail me. Also, I have the lyrics for all the songs except "Red Skies", "Alone", "Marlboro Man", and "Freak Scene". If anyone has those lyrics, please please send them to me. After I upload the MP3s, maybe someone can get the lyrics from them. You gotta have good ears, though, cuz I've tried and it's impossible. I could only get the lyrics from "The Longest Line".

Also, here's some news about their next album: It's either called "The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show" or "The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Captured On Disc". It will feature from 15 to 20 tracks all recorded from their latest tour, "The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show". It comes out on November 7 of this year and will probably only be sold for about a month because the band wants it to be a "special edition". It will feature songs from "Enema Of The State" as well as past albums and possibly some songs from their upcoming studio album. That's all I know right now. C-ya!


Today's the grand opening of my site, The 182nd Blink Site. I really hope this site will grow big and possibly be the greatest Blink 182 fan website. Right now I have somewhere around 150 pictures of the group. (None of which are up yet.) I'm also gonna have MP3s of live performances, rare stuff, unreleased stuff, and all the "Flyswatter" songs. The MP3s of "Flyswatter" are very low quality and i'm trying to somehow digitally remaster them. I'm also trying to write the lyrics for them. If you have any tools/programs to remaster these songs with that you can send me, or can somehow send me the lyrics, do it. My friend has one of the actual "Flyswatter" cassettes and I have a copy, but if you have an original copy, I'll buy it from you, just e-mail me. Also, if you want me to mail you a copy, I'll do it for 10-15 bucks. I'm also looking for an original copy of the first "Buddha" demo. If you have any of this or any other stuff, contact me, please! Anyway, back to the site. I also am writing a 40-question blink quiz that's gonna be really really hard!!! Well, thanx, and please come back for an update.

-Addman, The Ultimate Blink Fan :-)